Kathy Burke to Feature Nevaeh in 3 Part Channel 4 Series

Award-winning actress, writer and theatre director Kathy Burke is on a mission to discover what it really means to be a woman in 2018 in a new three-part series for Channel 4. Kathy will explore themes of beauty and image, interviewing the star of the Bafana Family, Nevaeh.  

Nevaeh Bafana and Kathy Burke

 The series has a working title of “Kathy Burke: All Woman” and is an empowering exploration into Womanhood in 2019, talking to women in the UK delving into their experiences about what it means to be a woman. 

Though our star Nevaeh is only 6 years old, she gained online fame after publishing a viral makeup tutorial on YouTube which has since been viewed over 15m times.

Kathy met up with Nevaeh to discuss themes of beauty and more. Check out the 3 part series, airing later this year on Channel 4.

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