LEGO Adds A Digital Twist To The Building Experience.

Toy giant LEGO, recently added a digital proposition to their DUPLO Stories range. The interactive construction set combines physical play with Amazon’s Alexa aiming to encourage and nurture children’s instinct of learning through play.

The company partnered with larger than life YouTubers, The Bafana’s to connect with their audience and showcase the benefits of the classic LEGO brick and voice-activated assistant. With an average of 5m monthly channel views and over 220k subscribers, the Bafana’s strong reach and loyal following of young families made them a perfect fit for the brand.

In a deal brokered by Viral Talent, The Bafana Family set about amplifying LEGO’s marketing messages in the authentic and playful style their audience knows and loves.

Actively engaging their community with this campaign produced qualitative insights that were more valuable than views or likes. Parents and children alike shared their hints and tips at how they encourage their children to learn through play, further adding value to the partnership.

I have a autistic niece and we use fun things that she likes to play with and we change it up so it’s not just about playing with toys but she’s learning at the same time. I’m 13 bafana family ❤️

In their following vlog, the family gave away the featured toys to a few of their lucky subscribers, making this collab a win-win for all.

Favoured by YouTube’s algorithms, family-orientated channels offer brands an authentic route into consumer households. Even better, content is both brand and advertiser-friendly while proving to be a massive hit among millennial women worldwide.  

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