Snapchat Ad Results Are In!

Recently, we ran performance marketing campaigns to quantify the effectiveness of Snap’s ad platform for eCommerce. We identified brands that correlated strongly with either a female or youth audience, such as online fashion retailer

On Snapchat, we’ve found shoppers are less interested in high production value creative. Instead, users are more engaged in how other real consumers, like themselves, are using and benefiting from a product. 

We used this insight to create our 10- second ads. 

With the minimum £50 daily ad spend, over 4 days we returned £1100, achieving a ROAS of 550% CPC 0.03 CPM 0.89!

Recent studies have shown that up to a third of Snapchat’s 180m daily active users are exclusive to Snap, which should be a convincing argument for diversifying your social media spend. #Facebook provides an extremely effective marketing platform which is why 96% of marketers use it.

As Justin Marshall, VP of Emerging Platforms at Possible stated: “if brands aren’t investing in transforming how media activation and commerce intersect, they will be left behind.”

From pioneering vertical video to wearable consumer technology and now AR shopping, Snapchat has proved to be more innovative and faster acting than its multi-billion-dollar competitor.

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