Snapchat’s Banking on eCommerce to Woo Advertisers

2018 is set to be the year doubles-down on AR and eCommerce to set itself apart from rivals.

The latest feature to be rolled out on Snapchat, allows users to purchase items through the app’s sponsored lenses. Augmented reality lenses are among Snapchat’s most popular features, with 70 million people exploring them daily, spending an average of three minutes.

Integrating advertising into the UX has been one of the hallmarks the company’s camera application. “Shoppable social” as it has been called, has the potential to connect businesses with consumers while the reducing friction when going from social network to checkout.

Fusing AR experiences with advertising, will likely increase engagement with ads, and therefore the likelihood of a purchase. We witnessed this with Nike’s Air Jordan activation earlier this year, which sold all pairs of limited edition Air Jordans within 23mins.

Check out our next blog post, we will be sharing the results of one of our most successful paid Snapchat campaigns!

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